Sunday, August 03, 2014

Analyzing Film

I love watching films. All kind of films. Lucky me that I also work in the film business. So I get to see many films as part of my profession. There is not a single film, that does not inspire some creative part in me. I like to sketch scenes from films. They do give me a glimpse in how the director and DOP has been working. As a story artist we have a tendency of repeating certain ideas. Be it camera angles, shot progression, acting choices. Analyzing of scenes helps me to broaden my horizon of how to visually tell a story. 
On top of it, it makes me realize time and time again of the cinematographic elements, that we are rarely allowed to use when storyboarding, like lighting and color. 

These sketches are from a very short scene of  "Edge of Darkness" with Mel Gibson in the leading role. I felt that it is a crucial scene in the film and is set up quite nicely. It works without dialog and is visually very appealing. Additionally it uses a very simple staging set up and I have used this scenes a couple of times to show simple screen direction to students of film.