Thursday, October 18, 2012

On Flying Toasts and Rusty Knight

I recently had the chance to revisit one of the productions I was part of last year. The Project, by Caligari Film und Fernsehproduktion, is called "Rusty Knight". I had the pleasure of being part of the story team and very much enjoyed the process. The results so far look very promising and I am very pleased with direction the film has taken, so at this stage I am really looking forward to watching it on the big screen with my family this coming January.  The German trailer of "Rusty Knight" has just been released and even features some of my (translated) boards. Sorry, there has been no english version released yet as far as I know.
I quite like the absurdity of flying toasts in slow motion,  an idea we came up with by chance. It's great it made it into the trailer (and hopefully into the film). 
Remember this old mac screensaver "flying Toasters"? (a long time ago)