Monday, February 01, 2016

My Lego Friends in Incredible India

Two years ago I spent a couple of month drawing and supervising the storyboards for an original LEGO friends movie (which is coming out on DVD in the US today). During that summer the project brought me to London in the UK and Mumbai, India. London actually seemed to me much more crowded and busier than Mumbai.

We had a small Preproduction Crew over in Mumbai, where we did the first draft of the movie. Looking at the trailer I can see that a few of the early shots have made it, although lots of the story changed (you can see the trailer here )

I also got to see a tiny bit of the surroundings and culture while I was there despite being in Mumbai during the monsoon season.  I will never forget all the happy faces walking through the rain.

On my last day the in-house story-board crew gave me a this framed picture. It shows my indian Lego friends. Very cool!!!  We had a great little crew over there. And there were many more artists and story-boarders helping out also during the tight preproduction schedule. Thanks again for all your hard work and hope to see you again soon!