Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Year, New Plans, New Posts...

Hope you all arrived well and healthy into the New Year of 2016. Long overdue and with the fabulous help of my wife, we cleaned and updated my storyboard website.

Still a few quirks to iron out (please give me a shout in case you notice any or have any suggestions).
Also, we finally put a selection of the crockidz comic strips into print. Originally we had planned to surprise our kids with them for christmas, but the printing got delayed a bit and we just got them yesterday. Some of you might remember them from my posts a couple of years ago. I used to do daily comicstrips about our family life while we were still living in Vancouver, Canada. Then inked and colored a number of them, especially the ones with our kids (you can read the english version online here) (ihr könnt die deutsche Version hier online lesen).

About 4 years ago we organized an exhibition at the local artists community and had started to prepare a small volume for print, but never got around to actually follow through with it.  My wish has always been to have a printed version for my family to own, since the stories were about them and captured for them. Also for my parents, both artists in their own right.

Yesterday evening my wife and me gave the books to my kids (now a bit older, then in the stories). It was a great evening. I had to promise to start doing comic strips again. This week, a book will go into the mail to my parents and I hope they will like it.