Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Update

...freezing temperatures outside and everything covered in white. It must be winter.
I have been plenty busy working away and feeding my wood burning oven to keep me warm. Only recently I discovered some great inteviews with some fantastic fellow story artists currently working in the USA  (on the schoolism website).  I have not had the time to listen to all of them, but I can highly recommend (to those of you interested in story art) these ones for now:

Alex Woo (Pixar)
Louie Del Carmen (Dreamworks)
Kris Pearn (Sony Animation)
James Robertson (Pixar)

Also I have been listening to most of the interviews on the animationguild blog.
The latest for instance with story artist/ director Jennifer Yuh Nelson (Dreamworks)  about Kung Fu Panda 2.

part 1
part 2

Going through my hard drive over the holidays I rediscovered two quicktimes I boarded a couple years ago. Created from a simple, few sentence outline with a 2.5 minutes cap and no dialogue (you have to provide your own sound effects while watching). There was a comfortable amount of freedom interpreting the outline while doing them, except for the fixed budget. The episodes were then finished directly by an animator in a cut out style and aired as animated segments during a kids show. I am sure they have changed some more,  but I have never had the chance to see the result of these to episodes.