Monday, September 27, 2010


I am getting back into a more regular posting cycle for the crockidz. I am still catching up with
coloring older ones though and only have a few more to go before I wil get around publishing new ones (read the german version at .

Here is the original scribble from some time ago.

I have added a few more animation based links on the side. Two of them I just discovered via Florian Satzingers blog Paperwalker. The hand-drawn-animation.blogspot and its sister site characterdesignnotes.blogspot. Very interesting reads!

There is a long post entry from Cameron Fielding on flip about his experiences with moving (you are going to hollywood), relocating, visas and so on. For animation artists relocating with the job is such a huge part of life, but very few colleagues write about their experiences in any great lengths.