Monday, February 08, 2010

Teaching and Practising

Last year I started a collaboration with a client who develops and distributes software for the hospital field Medlinq . The goal is to develop a series of cartoons that reach their (prospective) clients in a fun, but also thought-provoking way. Not an easy task and this one did not make the cut, but I will post the ones that did once they are published. Sorry, this one is only in German, but all finished ones will eventually be in English also.

I am just back after a full day of teaching anatomy to a group of future comic book artists at the Comicademy. i am so thrilled to be part of this school. During the years I met so many great artists that came out of the comic art schools (which mostly teach animation as well) of Belgium, France and the US. This kind of education is still light years away for German students interested in the art of the graphic novel, but it could be one step towards it.

check it out by clicking on the icon.