Wednesday, November 04, 2009


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to do some (digital) classical animation. In close collaboration with producer Hannes Tödter at Pictorion Magma Animation, Hamburg for a ZDF promo (german public broadcasting station) . Thanks Hannes for your great work in communicating between all involved!!! The character work on the chalk board was animated by me on a tight deadline.

Two days ago I had this long and interesting conversation with a friend and animator about digital animation vs classical animation. ( I still do not really see the "vs"). One argument that came up was, that the digital animation process misses " life". I am not so sure, since this would be more up to the artist using the tools or software. The toughest part of switching to the computer is the feel of paper and pencil and the relative simplicity of it. On the other hand we like to forget how long it took all of us to master paper and pencil (if at all). Just go and watch your preschool kids.

But I would not go as far as saying digital animation automatically excludes classical animation (mind you, I do not even get into the 3d side of things).

I still would love to try plastic animation paper. I have been waiting for some years (!) now for them to write a mac version. Maybe some of you know another great 2d program, which is not vector based and has intuitive flipping options. I heard of TVpaint, but never got around trying it out in any great lengths.

Well, after not posting for a while, this has been an unusual verbal one. Hopefully nobody fell asleep ;)