Friday, January 30, 2009

The Black Eye Incident

I am always fascinated when artists show their work progression. After close to three years of blogging I have never published anything like it. here is my first try...

A) I have decided to give all my crockidz strips the same format. After experimenting with every strip for all this time I decided to try and limit myself to the same format. At the end of the year I will compile a few and send them as Christmas booklets...maybe. After all, they are what happens during the year.

I usually start with a pencil sketch.I will use any standard A4 copying paper (while on the road I usually sketch and ink the blogs into my moleskin. I`ll love them, because the paper is great, you can get all over the world and they are convenient to carry with you). If short on time I will just draw the dialogue bubbles to remember what happened. (I just did so a few minutes ago, about what happened when I picked up my son from kindergarten...) If I forget, I usually forget what happened...hence the whole point of the blog is lost.

B) I then scan the image, print it out in blue and ink it (a brush and ink or my Japanese pentel brush). In this case it was 1 o`clock in the morning, I had just finished work on some other projects and was waiting for the computer to render out (...that reminds me: my daughter would like to get me an "electric computer, who does all the work for me" ...another blog, another time).

Needless to say I will do lots of mistake, which I will fix digitally later on. I will scan the image with 360 px, because I am planning to print the image at some point later on....

C) the last step is preparing the image for color. I separate the ink line from the blue printout, fill the line dark black....Since I will print later on I am ding some more elaborate stuff and will stay with cmyk. I will fix lots of stuff on the ink level (particularly on this one). Lately I have been lettering the bubbles separately from the strip (just because I have been doing so many mistakes with size, spelling :( and my wife keeps wanting me to change the content...not to mention my kids.

When it comes to color, I am still feeling my way around and trying new things. That`s where I love the blogging world and try to get inspiration anywhere. I have learned a great deal in the last months and years, which keeps me so interested in blogging.

There you go. Thanks for listening. Let me know if this was helpful or boring.

Oh..and before I forget....We have had a lot of snow around here. My daughter and son were sliding down a hill at their friends place ... and after a while decided to use a huge garbage bin. On the second try they bumped against a tree and the lid fell onto my daughters eye....therefore the blue eye....  more to come, but that s for next week, promise.