Saturday, September 20, 2008


I just realized that I did not have to use an alarm clock for quite some time now. Usually my kids would wake me up, or my dogs. Far away from home I have a whole battery of noise that currently takes care of waking me up very early. Around 5.30 there is usually the garbage truck or the street cleaning car (as pictured) taking turns. At 6.00 the grocery store downstairs will start his truck to go to the market right underneath my window. After that it will be a concert of cars using their horns to the full extend to get to one of the 3 daycare centers and 1 school, which are right opposite my window. On the odd day the neighbors dog is barking all night or some of the countless cats are having a fight ( I swear I have not ever seen as many stray cats as around here).
But I have to admit that the sunrises are truly magnificent here in Jerusalem.